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Office Disinfection Services are available by Maid Near Me in Corvallis, Oregon. We offer commercial office sanitation services. Our office disinfection services are safe and effective to defend against Coronavirus.

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Oregon’s Maids in Corvallis, Oregon offers professional office disinfecting services. We are a Licensed Commercial Cleaning Service. Have Peace-of-mind that your business is environmentally safe for employees, and visitors. Our recurring Office Disinfection Service will maintain your facility clean, safe and open for business.

What is Office Disinfection Cleaning?

Commercial office disinfection services offer sanitation and disinfection for the prevention of COVID-19. Disinfecting a facility for Coronavirus requires bio-hazard clean up techniques and equipment. Professional office disinfection cleaning services help avoid the spread of COVID-19, as well as other bacteria and viruses that cause common cold and flu.

Disinfecting Cleaning Services in compliance with the CDC

Office disinfecting services guided by the CDC

  • Office disinfecting services use EPA registered cleaning solutions, allowing sufficient contact time to kill viruses on surfaces.
  • Disinfecting a surface means that further growth of infectious pathogens is prevented.

Office Disinfection Services vs Sanitation Services

The Difference between disinfection and sanitation is:

  • By definition, sanitation is to clean the dirt from the surface. Sanitation drastically reduces the amount of germs. Illness is unlikely.
  • Consequently, the act of disinfection by using specialized chemicals, and cleaning techniques, will kill bacteria, viruses and fungi, on surfaces. The result, transmission is prevented.

The steps we follow to disinfect an office…

  • First, our maid services will sanitize (clean) the surfaces. This step minimizes the amount of germs to lowest levels; making it unlikely someone will become ill.
  • The second step, disinfection, kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Proper disinfection of surfaces will kill COVID-19.

How often disinfection services?

The frequency of whole office disinfecting will depend on a number of factors listed below:

  • The main reason to hire an Office Disinfection Services is if someone (in the office) has reported ill with COVID-19.
    • The business should evacuate all workers from the area the sick person was in.
    • Follow proper screening of everyone who was exposed to the ill person.
  • Facilities that are open to the public will require spot disinfection of surfaces that are touched often, as well as,
  • recurring office sanitation with disinfection for shared areas, and items, such as:
    • toilets
    • shared office items, for example, desks, or the copy machine
    • sinks
    • door knobs

Routine disinfection of commonly shared surfaces

We include standard cleaning and disinfecting of commonly shared items.

Larger facilities, or business with more foot traffic, may need daily cleaning, in conjunctions with frequent spot disinfection.

Some examples are:

  • bathrooms:
    • sinks
    • toilets
  • Frequently touched surfaces, like:
    • ATMs
    • door handles
    • shared office equipment

How to Keep surfaces clean to reduce the risk of COVID-19 in an Office?

There are two types of surfaces we can disinfect:

1. Hard, or non porous, for example:

  • desk
  • toilet
  • tile floors

2. Soft, or porous, for examples:

  • carpets
  • upholstered furniture
  • wood floors
  • ceiling tiles
  • grout

These areas should be cleaned, and disinfected often, depending on the amount of traffic.

  • Frequently touched hard surfaces require frequent cleaning and disinfecting.
  • Floors and carpets are mopped and vacuumed with each recurring office cleaning.
  • In addition, we can schedule steam cleaning of carpets, and floor waxing, on a less frequent cleaning schedule like, every one to three months.

Employers preparedness, response, and control plans for COVID-19 (CDC):

As an employer it is your duty to identify areas and job tasks with potential exposure to Coronavirus. Businesses employers are encouraged to use control measures to eliminate or reduce exposures.

What to do if an employee or visitor reports they are sick, exposed, or tested positive for COVID-19?

Employer response to a COVID-19 exposure:

  • First, vacate the areas that were occupied by the sick, exposed person/s for 24 to 48 hours.
  • then, wait the 24 to 48 hours for the particles to settle.
  • after that, office disinfection services can begin.

Oregon’s Maids Janitors sanitize and disinfect the facility after a COVID-19 exposure. As a result, the business must relocate workers. Possibly, provide remote work options. Once the Office Disinfection Services are complete, the business will be safe to reopen after this service.

  • The first step is to clear out the facility/area and allow up to 48 hours for the airborne particles to settle.
  • The crew will arrive with a mix of:
    • cleaning chemicals
    • red bio-hazard bags
    • hazmat suits
    • full face respirators
  • the cleaners will separate zones between clean and contaminated areas

Which cleaner disinfects against COVID-19?

Any household cleaner with bleach or 70% alcohol kills the SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Careful not to mix the two together, as they can create chloroform, which can cause damage to most major organs. Another dangerous combination is hydrogen peroxide and vinegar, which creates peracetic acid.

The Environmental Protection Agency List N list the chemicals that are approved to kill COVID-19

Professional disinfection companies are careful with the use of bleach to clean up after exposure. As a rule, we use the chemicals on List N of the EPA database. The EPA does not recommend using bleach as a first resort, unless sterilization is desired. Generally, sterilization is appropriate for hospitals, or when people in the area are immune compromised, such as cancer patients.

Accordingly, the CDC recommends how often you should clean and disinfect different types of surfaces:

You should clean these types of surfaces often:

  • door nobs;
  • elevator buttons; and
  • ATM’s

Whereas, daily office sanitation and disinfection services are recommended for:

Buildings with public traffic should have their common areas cleaned daily. In addition, frequent disinfection of surfaces the public will touch often. Generally, businesses that need daily office disinfection services:

  • healthcare facilities;
  • gyms;
  • restaurants;
  • faith-based community centers;
  • publicly accessible buildings; and
  • transportation

What do Office Disinfection Services Costs?

On average, costs for one-time commercial office disinfection services in 2021 is $0.20 to $.025 per square foot.

Generally, the average charged per hour is $80 per hour for two-persons cleaning crew.

Also, you can lower costs for office cleaning by scheduling recurring cleaning services.

Discounts for recurring and savings for office disinfection services

Daily, weekly, multi-weekly, office cleaning costs less, per clean: $0.09 to $0.16 per sq.ft.

For example, larger facilities will typically receive a discount, or flat rates, and pay less per square feet above 8000 sq. ft. $0.05 – $0.11 per sq.ft.

In addition, carpet, window, wall washing, floor waxing require cleaning equipment, and solutions.

So, these types of facility cleaning services are quoted with cost efficiency in mind.

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