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How much in 2021 does Office Cleaning Cost?

Office cleaning quotes for Corvallis, Oregon
Office Cleaning Services Prices in Corvallis, OR

Average office cleaning price in Corvallis, Oregon for 2021

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In 2021, the average price ranges for office cleaning quotes is between $0.08 – $0.16 / Sq. Ft., starts at $45 per visit. The cleaning price depends on the type of commercial cleaning service, the frequency, and if there are extra services. We offer competitive rates, and flexible cleaning plans to fit your cleaning budget. You can save 15% and more by scheduling recurring office cleaning.

Office Cleaning quotes are determined by:

  • Square foot of the office to be cleaned-Larger areas, and buildings will base their janitorial costs on square foot- minus unoccupied areas that don’t need service.
  • Type of facility that needs to be cleaned-Standard janitorial services include dusting, vacuuming/sweeping, mopping, trash removal, kitchen and bathrooms cleaned, refilling paper products, soap dispensers. Additional services are those that require extra labor and supplies, like waxing marble floors, steam cleaning carpets, and washing windows.
  • Frequency of cleaning-The type of business you run will likely decide how often you need janitorial services for your business cleaning. A gym or day care may need nightly cleaning; a small single person office may need custodial cleaning every other week or monthly.
  • Level of service-The current condition of the facility will affect the cost. Each type of business presents it’s own set of challenges. Older buildings, or long neglected facility will likely take more time. Most times these types of facilities require additional services to bring it up to code.
  • Whether we provide the cleaning supplies, paper products-Oregon’s Maids Office Cleaning quotes outline the services basic cleaning supplies. We offer an itemized list of the services and supplies we will include:
    • For paper product replacement in the kitchen and bathroom,
    • To refill soap dispensers, replace trash liners,
    • Or carpet cleaning, or polishing floors.

Commercial office cleaning contract rates

All businesses will need to clean their space. For offices with employees, it is likely you will need regular office cleaning. A commercial cleaning service will present you with the prices and the cleaning duties. A cleaning schedule, and discounts will be part of the cleaning agreement that comes with your quote. Don’t worry about a long-term commitment. The purpose for the cleaning contract is to outline the agreement we have with you. You can cancel, or updated it at any time.

Compare Office Cleaning Costs in Corvallis, OR

  • 3 ways Office cleaning costs are calculated:
    • by the hour,
    • flat rate, or
    • by square footage.
  • At times it may be easier to charge by the hour, or flat rate.
  • A reason to switch if charging by sq. ft. would make the price impractical. We will switch to an hourly or flat rate; whichever saves you the most money.
  • Every office cleaning quote takes into consideration extra effort and special services which you will have to pay extra for:
    • If the location is outside the territory,
    • Late hours,
    • or deep cleaning is needed,

Here are the cleaning task that come with basic office cleaning:

  • Dusting, disinfecting light switches, door handles
  • Sweeping, Vacuuming, and moping hard, non porous flooring
  • Wiping down outside appliances
  • Disinfecting bathrooms
  • Emptying garbage bins, replacing with new bags

If you require deep office cleaning:

  • Steam cleaning carpets or furniture
  • Polishing floors
  • Cleaning inside and under the refrigerator and other appliances
  • Washing coffee cups in the break room
  • Providing bags for all garbage and recycling bins
  • Restocking paper products and soap dispensers
  • stain removal
  • window washing

Other office cleaning task we can provide:

Why Choose our Office Cleaning Services?

Oregon’s Maid Near Me, LLC offers competitive office cleaning quotes. We Hire trained and verified office cleaners. We are a Licensed Commercial Cleaning Service.

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