Move out cleaning


Move-out Cleaning Services Near Me

Move out Cleaning Services will prepare the apartment for refund of the cleaning deposit, and the next tenant. Landlords and rental communities will approve a move out cleaning service. We provide you with a Landlord-approved cleaning checklist for move out.

Housekeeper duties for the Move Out Cleaning Checklist:

FYI We do not repair: 

  • nail holes 
  • damage to walls 
  • stains that penetrate into the drywall
  • Carpet stains 
  • removal of large items; furniture
  • removal of trash; food or items in cabinets or drawers
  • built-up mold or soap scum
  • Excess dirt, infestations, hoarding/dumping, and smoke damage are not considered normal cleaning services/may require an environmental services
  • For Vacant homes. All Personal items and trash should be removed for Move-out cleaning services

 Move out Cleaning for the Kitchen 

Move out Cleaning Services
  • Cupboards & drawers emptied out and wiped down                                                        
  • Fridge / Freezer emptied and cleaned (trays, shelves, door seal & handles)        
  • Thoroughly clean underneath the fridge                                                                           
  • Hood vent wiped down, filter cleaned off                                                                          
  • Top and outside of fridge & freezer wiped down                                                             
  • Stove surface cleaned
  • Stove bottom drawer cleaned
  • Drip pans cleaned
  • Stove-top lifted and scoured
  • Exterior and interior of the dishwasher cleaned
  • Oven interior and the  racks scrubbed
  • Sink Scoured
  • Baseboards wiped down
  • Outlets and switch plate covers cleaned
  • Wipe outside and top of the cabinets (if applicable)
  • Heat vents, registers, and wall heaters wiped down
  • Clean windows, sills, and frame

Move Out Checklist for the Bathroom

Move out cleaning
  • Exhaust Fan Cleaned  
  • Toilet tank, rim, and base cleaned
  • Toilet bowl cleaned
  • Baseboards wiped down
  • Sink scoured
  • Shower curtain removed
  • Floor and walls in shower scoured
  • Shower doors scoured (if applicable)
  • Vanity surface cleaned
  • Mirror cleaned
  • Outlets and switch plate covers cleaned
  • Heat vents, registers, and wall heaters wiped down
  • Windows cleaned
  • Window sills, frames, and cracks cleaned                                                                                                                                                                                                   

Moving Out Cleaning Checklist for Bedrooms  

Move out Cleaning Bedroom
Move out Cleaning for Bedrooms
  • Heat vents, registers, and wall heaters wiped down
  •   Baseboards dusted, scuff marks                                                                 
  • Outlets and switch plates dusted and wiped clean                                                                                                              

Living Room

  • Windows Cleaned
  • Window sills and frames wiped down
  • Air conditioner filter and cover cleaned if applicable
  • Heat vents, registers, and wall heaters wiped down
  • Outlets and switch plate covers cleaned


  • Doors, frame, and shelves wiped down
  • walls and corners dusted and free of cobwebs


(all rooms)

  • Wipe down all doors and frames
  • Dust and remove superficial scuffs/marks on walls
  • Mop and dry floors
  • Carpets vacuumed
  • Ceiling free of cobwebs
  • Blinds thoroughly cleaned

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