House Cleaning Checklist


The House Cleaning Checklist is the agreement for cleaning

House Cleaning Checklist in Corvallis, Oregon
Our House Cleaning Checklist clearly defines Housekeeping Duties

Your House Cleaning Checklist is reviewed before each home cleaning visit

Your House Cleaning Checklist will provide maids with your instructions; Our network customers report greater cleaning satisfaction due to a personalized touch when the house cleaning includes all checkpoints they desire. Our Housekeepers use the house cleaning checklist for cleaning instructions. With this advance preparation they can clean more efficiently.

Become a regular cleaning customer and this cleaning checklist will be kept current. We strive to send the same housekeepers, however it may not be always possible. Your cleaning checklist will ensure they get the job done as efficiently as any another pro cleaner would.

Familiarity creates Trust & Efficiency

Keep your House Cleaning Checklist current; report any changes. Our Cleaning checklist is designed for flexibility and convenience.

Our Housekeepers will update any changes so they do not have to spend extra time becoming familiar with your home the next time they clean it.

The Cleaning Checklist will inform Maid Near Me of any items or areas in the home that either need special attention; or to avoid.

The House Cleaning Checklist will include details of special instructions – making communication crystal clear. 

Your House Cleaning Checklist will also inform us of areas, or items we should not clean in your home

Please remove item/s or inform us on your House Cleaning Checklist so our cleaners will avoid those areas. 

We recommend our customers place all movable items that are fragile, irreplaceable or expensive and place in a separate safe area, and inform us of those items on the cleaning checklist.

Oregon’s Maids values customer satisfaction as much as earning your business.

Any major variations can affect the price and time spent cleaning your home.

Please inform us of any changes. We value your feedback and utilize this form so your experience with Oregon’s Maids in Corvallis, OR is positive.

An updated House Cleaning Checklist will clearly communicate what will be done during the home cleaning services. Knowing what to expect for your service is key to customer satisfaction.

Example of what we include on Your Personalized Home Cleaning Checklist:

Tell us about your home: New Customers or Infrequent cleaning schedules (>30 days between cleaning)

What is the size or square foot of your home? ________ sq. ft.

# of Bedrooms_____

#of Bathrooms____ :

#Full_____ #Half ____

Single story_____(no stairs)

Two Story_____(1 flight of stairs)

*FYI: We automatically include these areas in your home. Please inform us if you wish to skip an area of your home in exchange for and additional services.

Kitchen ____ small <100 sq. ft. ____ medium 100-200 sq. ft. ____ Large >200 sq. ft.

Living Room

Dining Room ____ separate or formal

Bedrooms ____ make beds / change linens

Bathroom/s  ___ standard full ____ master suite ____glass shower doors

*Please inform us of any additional spaces in your home that are to be included with your cleaning services.

Stairs / multiple levels

Foyer/ Entryway

Basement (Finished Basements Only)

Lofts (Maids do not climb ladders)

Windows / Sliding glass doors – Interior

How many people live in your home?

Do you have any pets in the home?


If yes, how many pets in your home? ____

No Pets____

Deep cleaning checklist + Additional Services

___Organize and Clean the top, behind, and inside the Refrigerator 

___Clean the outside, inside, tops (if any), and Organize the Cabinets 

___Clean the interior of the Oven 

___Dust and remove surface stains from the Baseboards 

___Clean Interior Windows 

___Clean Interior Walls 

___Load(s) of Laundry 

___Hour(s) of Organizing 

___Hand wash Dishes

___Load & Empty Dishwasher

___Pet Hair Clean-up 

7. FYI


Exterior windows

Full Carpet cleaning and deep stains

Animal waste

Excessive build up of Mold or rust

Industrial cleaning

Lifting of heavy items >25 lbs

Surfaces beyond arms reach with a step ladder and an extension pole

High ceiling fans

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