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Trusted House Cleaning services near me for Corvallis, Oregon

Home Cleaning Corvallis, OR is a locally owned, insured, and hires background checked and professionally trained maids who live in your neighborhood. Find house cleaners near you who regard customer service a top priority.

Corvallis, Oregon is a gorgeous community in the heart of the Willamette Valley. A lovely, tree-lined, go-with-the-flow Oregon town.  We offer complimentary on site cleaning prices to local residents.

Corvallis is home to Oregon State University. A few blocks away, Downtown Corvallis comprises several tree-lined blocks that remind me of a Norman Rockwell Painting. The Corvallis culture is unique. This may be because of the influences of its University, OSU, which infuses fresh energy into this traditional city. Corvallis is old-fashioned, friendly, and open-minded at the same time.

Corvallis showcases unique art, nostalgic architecture, tree-lined paths, plus a list of decent boutiques, drink, and culinary choices. The limit of larger-chain commercial businesses allows Corvallis’ locally owned boutiques and restaurants to thrive so, there is plenty of unique shopping and dining. 

Why Choose a Local Cleaning Service Corvallis Oregon

Find Local Verified Oregon Home Cleaning Services nearby. Oregon’s Maids Housekeepers are experienced, background checked, and guarantee customer satisfaction. Maid Near Me LLC can be found by searching online for home cleaning services near me. Also, recurring cleaning.

Get an affordable house cleaning quote, and find a Maid Service in Corvallis, OR with Housekeepers that are experienced cleaners with years of Maid Service performing housekeeper duties in hotels, and Commercial Cleaning Services. The Housekeeping job description outlines the cleaning tasks for efficiency.

Oregon’s Maids in Corvallis, Oregon considers Housekeeping an Essential Service. Searching for professional cleaning services near me, and you will find us as a verified Google Business. We compensate our professional cleaning staff by offering flexible schedules, excellent wages. Corvallis, Oregon Maid Near Me cleaning hires local, background checked, experience house cleaning professionals.

Oregon’s Maid Near Me creates High Paying Job Opportunities for Essential Workers within the Local Population of Corvallis, Oregon. 

The truth is, without proper sanitation most businesses, like hotels, hospitals, and restaurants would suffer financially. Unkempt, dirty businesses give a bad impression. Online reviews will reflected dirty rooms, and unsanitary conditions; a poor online reputation is death to a business’ success. Today’s germ-phobic culture has intensified focus on proper sanitation, and disinfection. COVID has created awareness of the essential roles Housekeepers, Maid Services, and Janitorial Workers play in keeping society healthy.

“We will stand for those who

cook, serve, clean, plant, and harvest.

Who’s hands are thick and calloused”

– Senator Cory Booker

Why Oregon’s Maids Home Cleaning in Corvallis, Oregon is the most trusted and thorough. 

Plain and simple reasons why Oregon’s Maids is the most trusted House Cleaning service in Corvallis, OR:

  • We are a registered and licensed Oregon business.
  • All staff background screen all Housekeepers 
  • Top-notch trained housekeeping staff
  • Bonded & Insured cleaning services

Professional Housekeeping Staff, because we pay livable wages without overcharging our Customers.  We invest in our Essential Workers by offering them above average rates.

Why Oregon’s Maids Pays Professional Level Pay to our Exclusive Housekeepers in Corvallis, Oregon

Reference: Livability.com 7 Reasons to Move to Corvallis

Fact: Fair pay makes happy workers. In addition, Happy workers are more productive, and less likely to call out sick. We know that well compensated workers are motivated to invest in customer satisfaction, in contrast to underpaid counterparts. Maid service Corvallis Oregon employs verified professionals. We offer insured cleaning service in Corvallis for residents and businesses.

Commercial cleaning businesses and the hotel industry in Oregon on average pay their Housekeepers $10 – $12 per hour.  Those wages are Poverty Inducing, and Cruel. Our Corvallis house cleaning compensates hardworking, competent, and trustworthy housekeepers with livable wages. We keep the business costs streamline, online, and automated for accuracy, timeliness, and convenience. Oregon’s Maids is a trusted Local House Cleaning Corvallis company.

Why paying low wages to essential workers is CRUEL

As of May 2020, the average rent for an apartment in Corvallis metro $1266 per month is a 5.37% increase from last year. The average pay for an employed Maid or Housekeeper near me Corvallis OR is between $9.00 & $12.00 per hour. The average gross wage is $1440 to $1920 per month; Subtract car insurance, a car payment, groceries, utilities, cable, internet; the numbers do not add up to fair pay and livable wages. 

Essential Workers usually have limited to no PTO or Health Coverage, and must work more than one full-time job to make ends meet.

What are the Benefits of how a higher minimum wage can benefit ALL workers in Corvallis, Oregon?

Reference: MSN.com 2020

1. Increased employee happiness. Employers believe that increasing the minimum wage would increase employee morale. Consequently, raising the minimum wage in 2011 to $10.10  would have pushed more than one-half of America’s working poor, out of poverty, and off of government assistance. This would have decreased the amount of money needed to feed and shelter poor, employed Americans. No working American should have to rely on Government assistance to survive. Many essential workers are non-resident status, and pay the highest payroll taxes. They contribute every paycheck, regardless of not having access to government assistance programs.

2. Supplemental cost of living often, minimum-wage workers must take on two or more jobs to make ends meet. If the family is of a Single Parent (which is often the case with minimum wage workers) this will translate in less time spent raising your children with the proper guidance, attention, and care every child deserves. Neglect in the home is not always the fault of the Parent/s. Our society rules/laws have consequences, sentencing the children of essential workers to a life of less adult guidance, due to an absent caretakers. 

3. Raising the minimum wage will support economic growth. For example, workers who make more money, have more money to invest in their communities. Consequently, higher wages for essential workers, such as restaurant workers, farm laborers, and housekeepers will push the wages up for all workers. Therefore, someone who has earned a bachelor’s degree, who makes on average $15 per hour, would expect a pay increase by equal amounts.

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