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Deep Cleaning House Services in Corvallis, OR

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Oregon’s Maids Housekeepers provide deep house cleaning service for homeowners in Corvallis, Oregon. Recurring house cleaning customers can request deep housekeeping services, as well. This type of cleaning service will make your home ready for special occasions and for resell. An added benefit of deep cleaning a house is making it fresh and sanitized.

A deep house cleaning prepares the home for:

  • Bringing home a new baby;
  • Holidays, special occasions;
  • Health conditions, such as allergies, auto immune, chronic illnesses, and chemo patients; and
  • Home staging for resale at top dollar.

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We offer additional services listed below. These services will be included on your House Cleaning Checklist. If the areas are difficult to reach, require extra labor, and extra time, we will inform you in the written cleaning estimate.

  • Organize and Clean the top, behind, and inside the Refrigerator;
  • Clean the outside, inside, tops (if any), and Organize the Cabinets; 
  • Clean Inside The Oven; 
  • Dust and remove surface stains from the Baseboards;
  • Clean Interior Windows; 
  • Steam clean small areas of carpets and furniture;
  • Dust & spot wash Interior Walls; 
  • Load(s) of Laundry; 
  • Hour(s) of Organizing; 
  • Hand-wash Dishes;
  • Load & Empty Dishwasher; and
  • Pet Hair Clean-up. 


Most cleaning duties are negotiable. We do not handle animal waste, excessive built-up mold, calcium stains, grout restoration in the bathrooms. Exterior windows that are not easily accessible without a ladder are not included.

  • Exterior windows (1st level, accessible standing alone, unobstructed access may be included);
  • Whole Carpet or Area Rug Carpet Cleaning (we can provide carpet refresh);
  • Animal waste (we do not handle animal waste);
  • Mold removal (we are unable to restore surfaces to original condition in which the mold has penetrated);
  • Industrial cleaning (deep stains on walls, grout or carpets require industrial restoration services);
  • Lifting of heavy items;
  • Hoarding or clutter; and
  • High ceiling fans, chandeliers, and light fixtures above arms length w/ extension pole + 2 step ladder is maximum height).

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