Calculate Your Cleaning Costs

Calculate your cleaning costs for Corvallis and Albany, OR. Get the cost of maid service in your area. This form is meant to estimate the price for a one-time or first-time cleaning. The price quoted using this calculator is not finalized until someone has assessed the home. Enjoy this convenient tool to get the average costs to clean homes in Corvallis. Keep in mind, certain factors may change the price.

Read below to find out how we calculate your price:

Price Calculator: One-time / First-time Cleaning Service
This is an Estimate for house cleaning. The final price will be influenced by: 1. The condition of the home, 2. Additional services if requested, 3. Discounts for seasonal or event Promotions, 4. Use this as an estimate for first time cleaning only - recurring customers are priced separately.
Bathrooms - 1 glass shower door
Bathrooms - 2 glass shower doors
Separate shower & tub (Master suite style)
Large vanity mirror (requires a step ladder)

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